1. (music) a directive in a score specifying that the music is to be played in this manner

7 letters in word "sciolto": C I L O O S T.

No anagrams for sciolto found in this word list.

Words found within sciolto:

cis cist cit cito cits cloot cloots clot clots coil coils coit coits col cols colt colts coo cool cools coos coost coot coots cos cost cot cots io ios is iso it its li lis list lit lits lo loci loco locos loo loos loot loots los lost lot loti lotic loto lotos lots oi oil oils olio olios oo oos oot oots os otic sco scoot scot si sic silo silt sit slit sloot slot so soc soil sol soli solito solo soot sot sotol st stoic stool ti tic tics til tils tis to toc toco tocos tocs toil toils too tool tools